Make Manual LPFM Patching...Almost Automatic!

We’ve all been there.  You pull a transmitter off air for maintenance, you have the backup running to the antenna, the primary running to the load, you disconnect everything to get it all back the way if should be and your phone rings.  5 minutes later you are staring at a mess of coax and connectors trying to remember what came from where and how it all plugged together.  

We’ve got a Solution for that.  PATCH-DIN is a multiport 7-16 DIN rack-mountable manual patch panel.  You’ve seen something similar for larger gauge feedline and connectors.  Now here’s one for DIN.  Our Interlocked U-Links allow for fast and simple manual patching from antenna to load and back again – all from the front of your transmitter rack.  No more crawling behind and wrestling with coax.

The panels are laser cut powdercoated aluminum and range from 3RU to 6RU depending on the number of ports required.  Each panel comes with the panel itself, microswitches pre-wired to a rear panel terminal block,  PTSgear U-Link wrench, and the appropriate number of U-Links.  The model number indicates the number of ports present on the panel.

Available Models:


Standard colour is black with red flake.  English lettering.  PTS Custom Shop option available.

(early development rendering of 5-port model)