A Bright Idea From PTSgear

We are looking forward to shipping Aurora in early 2024.  Aurora makes interfacing m!ka LITT and “On-Air” mic booms to your Axia network simple. Instead of GPIO connections, breakouts, relays and external power supplies, Aurora connects to your Axia network’s Ethernet switch and interprets the virtual GPIO given by the Livewire network to the voltages needed to drive up to
5 LITT lights in a stack and 4 of the “On-Air” tally lights on the m!ka mic booms. 
To make life even more exciting in your studios, we give you access to both the red and the white colors on those m!ka “On-Air” lamps – no extra wiring needed!  At PTSgear, every chance we get, we use POE and PTS-Aurora is no exception.  For a couple mic booms and a couple LITT tiers, standard PoE will be sufficient.  To power 4 mic booms and a fully loaded LITT stack will require PoE+. 
Flash patterns, PWM control of the m!ka mic boom tally, PTS-Aurora opens up numerous opportunities for signaling within your studio, as well as the ability to roll out a solder-free  studio installation!

PTS-Aurora comes in two versions – as a standalone system that you can wire up yourself.  Or in a Bundle which includes four 5-pin XLR-F mounting plates you can install in your millwork with a simple hole saw and transform the XLR-5 tail from your mic arm into an RJ45 connector.  Then it’s simply a matter of using shielded Cat5 cables to patch everything together!  

Want even more customization options?  Tag in our our Custom Shop and get your station logo laser etched into the mounting plates.  Or quantity dependent, get a custom colour powder-coat!

Mounting Options:

– standalone enclosure – just set the PTS-Aurora box on a shelf/rack-shelf in the studio
– xNode Bracket* – co-locate PTS-Aurora next to a Telos Alliance xNode in the same rack space
– Rack Bracket* – co-locate a single PTS-Aurora or 2x PTS-Aurora in a single RU.  Rack Bracket includes a blanking plate for second position.

*accessories ordered separately