A Bright Idea For Your Telos VX

Remember analog phones?  We don’t think many folks are going to bemoan the continuing disappearance of POTS lines and their assorted costs and lack of flexibility.  But…it sure was easy to get a studio phone flasher to blink with that analog ring voltage.  

Well, that level of plug and play simplicity is exactly what we were aiming for with PTS-Beacon.  

The concept is simple.  It’s a PoE powered, single cable device that interfaces with your Telos VX.  Plug directly into a PoE port on your Axia Livewire AoIP network (or use a PoE injector if your switch doesn’t have PoE capability) and…well, that’s it for cabling.  No, seriously.  That’s it. 
PTS-Beacon monitors your network and when your Telos VX system says the phone is ringing  –
it blinks.  No extra boxes or wiring to deal with, no physical GPIO ports required.  One cable –
a couple quick fields to fill out in the GUI – and you’re good to go.  

And here’s the not-so-secret-secret.  While you can use PTS-Beacon to monitor call status from your Telos VX, you can also have it monitor ANY Livewire channel and pin combination.  Use it as an air light, off-air indicator, you could even tie it into Pathfinder and flash when levels are too low (or high).  There are plenty of options for deployment – we’d love to hear about your use case.

Amber is the only lens colour available at present.  Is there another colour you’d love to see? 
Drop us a line!  If we get enough interest to meet our minimum production requirements….


User Guide

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