Why Keep a Good Thing All to Yourself?

When asked to come up with a custom way for a wide range of content contributors to share audio for a radio network, PTS and the Custom Shop coded an in-house hosted solution that uses an html5 interface to enable users to share content with each other, and includes file-based audio processing, so everything is ready to go to air immediately. Once we saw the power of this idea we wanted to share this concept with the rest of our community.  PTShare was created as a showcase of our ability to create a custom solution for your organization to move content, share content and improve workflows.  Be it web content, audio, playlists, or video files, whether it’s person to person or person to community, we can create a system that helps you be more productive. Best of all, it’s your system with your company branding, so it’s even a great front-facing tool for your customers.  What a great way to deliver a spec spot – much cooler than email.  Contact us for a demonstration!