What happens when all the major speaker manufacturers stop making passive studio monitors?  Well, if you’re us, you spend over a year designing/tweaking/testing/re-designing and building your own.  If you’re you, you drop us a line and ask us to send you a set.  That’s by far the more affordable way to go.  Lets just call this one our ‘passion project’ that’s filling an industry need.  That’s what we keep telling our CFO (although we think they’re starting to catch on to us…)

With an iconic monolithic design inspired by the stereo image – and some may say just a bit by our home Province of Saskatchewan… – PTS-PKR (P-T Speaker is how we say it around the shop) is a 6.5″ 2-way passive monitor #BuiltForBroadcast.  Designed to be a no-nonsense confidence monitor for control room applications, they also sound pretty darn good if we do say so ourselves.  So far there are 2 different models in the mix.  The Standard unit comes in Henry Ford’s favourite colour (Black) with a durable textured speaker paint designed to look and sound great in any control room.  We’ve also notched up the internal components for our Signature edition which features a glossy finish in PTS red.

The shell is sturdy MDF construction, and we front ported the units so you can easily screw a VESA mount into the back if you so desire.  Also on the back of the unit are your standard red/black banana plugs (no power plug – remember these are passive units) so you simply need to run speaker wire to your amplifier of choice – typically one of the 1RU studio fanless options that are out there.  Our Saskatoon offices/production facility does include its own paint booth so if you’re itching for a bespoke colour to match your station logo (or the local sports team) be sure to ask about low volume production runs with our PTS Custom Shop.  

Production testing at the University of Saskatchewan Anechoic Chamber