The Department Of Redundancy Department Approved.

What’s better than having a cold spare on hand ready to fire up if your primary STL path goes down?  Having a redundant unit ready to take over on a moments notice.  With Studio-Transmitter links, downtime = dead air.  Our PTS STL-Switchers are designed specifically to maximize uptime for analog STL systems.  If the primary unit loses power or signal, CLICK, the backup unit is on the air.  Primary unit comes back on-line?  It re-takes the wheel.  Need to do some maintenance on a unit?  Flick the switch and take it out-of-chain while you perform your service.  It’s simple, effective, and has been on-the-air at sites across Canada for decades. 

To date, we’ve focused on the following 950MHz STL models:


Why?  Because those models have ISED Certification and can legally be owned and operated in our home country of Canada.  Our systems (TX and RX side auto-switchers) will work with a redundant pair of each brand, or, you can mix and match between manufacturers (just let us know if you’re intermingling brands – while our Switchers are a common platform, the cabling harness is wired up to match the required pinout of the connecting units).  

Will our system work with your STL pair?  Possibly.  Send us the model number, or better yet, the manual and we can do some digging.  

The PTS STL Switcher (TX and RX side) are 1RU units designed to comfortably sandwich right in between your STL pair at the studio and transmitter site.  (Think of us as the delicious cream in your STL Oreo).  All the cabling you require to connect your STL’s is included in the box.  

(artist rendering)